StealthAUDIT Free Trial


StealthAUDIT Free Trial


Management and Control of Access to Unstructured Data, Systems and Critical Applications

StealthAUDIT is a management platform designed to automate data collection, analysis, remediation, governance, and reporting associated with the management & security of credentials and data. Its speed, lightweight footprint, and agent-less, open architecture enable organizations to discover and remediate security risks at scale, while simultaneously creating operational efficiencies through interoperability. This free trial contains:

Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

Without clear understanding of who can do what in AD, the security of everything connected to it is in jeopardy. This trial allows you to understand things like who can reset passwords, change membership of critical security groups, where permissions are applied to OUs and who effectively has privileged access.

Active Directory Assessment

Highlights security risks such as who is in sensitive security groups, which objects are stale, where toxic conditions exist, and which admins have passwords that never expire.

Local Administrator Access Assessment

The most comprehensive local administrator discovery capabilities on the market.

Open Share Assessment

Even the best security will fail in the face of a file share that nearly everyone has access to, especially one that contains sensitive data. We find open shares.