Vision 360™ - Manufacturing Inspection Accuracy

SymphonyAI Industrial

Vision 360™ - Manufacturing Inspection Accuracy

SymphonyAI Industrial

Image acquisition and deep learning analytics for inspection accuracy

SymphonyAI Industrial channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data technologies to deliver industrial insight that provides exponential value to our customers.

Through image acquisition and deep learning analytics, SymphonyAI Industrial improves manufacturing inspection accuracy by providing actional insights to improve quality, yield and cycle time.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions serve a broad range of industries from process to discrete to naval and marine.

Vision 360™, working with information captured by vision systems, uses AI technology for real time clustering, classification and forecasting of key KPIs and provides early identification of potential problem areas to continuously steer production to operate at its highest point of efficiency.

Vision 360™ is unique in that it provides:

· Image Acquisition – Connectors to a wide-range of optical inspection systems and camera devices

· Pre-built Vision Inspection Templates – Templatized models for rapid set-up, training, and deployment into production

· Anomaly detection and Prediction – Anomaly detection and prediction using deep AI models

· Real-Time Quality Assessment – Monitor in real-time production quality with automated defect detection, production unit health scores, alerts, and notifications

· Automated Defect Classification – AI models that combines live image data with operating data for accurate defect classification and sorting

· Deep Forecasting – deep learning AI models layered with image AI for quality forecasting and pre-cursor detection

· Soft-sensing - Soft-sensing of critical process parameters in real-time

· Optimization – Real-time process optimization advisories to run production close to golden batch conditions

· Model Management - Automated model re-training for anomaly detection, forecasts, soft-sensing, and optimization