Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication for Azure AD

Thales CPL

Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication for Azure AD

Thales CPL

Decrease the risk of security breaches with Passwordless and phishing-resistant FIDO Authentication

Passwords are the weakest link in Access Management. Repeatedly we see data breaches due to criminals managing to steal login details through phishing. Logging in without passwords is the ultimate solution.

Jointly with Microsoft, Thales enables Azure AD customers log in passwordless with FIDO authentication and/or Certificate Based Authentication, using one single device.

Choosing the best FIDO2 option with Thales

Thales offers to Azure customers FIDO2 devices with superior certification, excellent security, long life duration and the widest use case coverage on the market.

Plug and play with Azure AD

All Thales FIDO2 devices are fully compatible with Azure AD. They have been verified by Microsoft technical teams. You can register them very easily into Azure AD.

Enable multiple use cases with one single device

Thales FIDO devices support multiple use cases that makes life easier for end users and reduce IT costs:

· FIDO authentication to web apps like Microsoft Office 365

· FIDO authentication to Windows desktops

· FIDO authentication on mobile devices thanks to NFC

· FIDO combined with CBA and other PKI use cases (digital signature, file encryption)

· FIDO combined with physical access (buildings, labs etc..)

Excellent security

Thales controls the entire manufacturing cycle and develops its own FIDO cryptographic capabilities. These security features reduce the risk of FIDO devices being compromised.

Robustness & scalability for a long life duration

Thales provides robust, high quality USB FIDO devices that are strong and long lasting. Built with hard molded plastic, tamper evident, and equipped with a sensitive presence detection sensor, these features ensure the physical integrity of Thales devices and ensure no damage to USB ports on end devices. Thales FIDO2 security keys support firmware updates, which facilitates product maintenance and upgradability

Certifications for compliance

Thales FIDO2 devices meet stringent compliance mandates with FIPS, CC, U2F and FIDO certifications. All devices comply with US and EU regulations for phishing-resistant authentication.

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