Bedrock NHS Data Warehouse on Azure

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Bedrock NHS Data Warehouse on Azure

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Our NHS-focused Data Warehouse and Analytics Platform is designed from the ground up to align with NHS standards and datasets, engineered as an easy-to-deploy Azure managed service supporting scale, agility, and advanced customisation.

h2>What is Bedrock on Azure? Bedrock is a Modern data warehouse comprising of many of Microsoft’s key analytical components including Azure Data Factory, Data Lake, Azure SQL, Synapse and Power BI. It is designed to bring in a vast range of NHS data and to provide an ability to create all forms of reporting, from National reports through to clinical and operational reporting. Its flexibility allows for the development of applications on top of the solution which further showcases the flexibility of Azure in supporting the NHS’s major challenges. Bedrock on Azure enables NHS organisations to deliver real-time insights into patient and operational data. Aligning everyone in the organisation from the board down to front-line clinicians, yielding increased productivity, significant cost savings, and a better patient experience.

What kind of NHS organisations benefit?

Supporting Acute, Mental Health, Community and Commissioning Support Units, Bedrock on Azure has been designed and built by NHS and data warehousing experts.

What key problems does it solve?

NHS data must be reliable, accurate and evidence backed. Many NHS Trusts struggle with laborious reporting processes that are complex, fragile and resource intensive. Bedrock on Azure solves the significant healthcare data reporting dilemma including:
  • Establishing highly curated and automated data in NHS formats
  • Managing national dataset submissions
  • Migrating data between systems
  • Allowing transparency of the data and the rules that support the curation from national to local reports
  • Building accurate and repeatable reports
  • Allowing up to real time data, that is in a highly performant data warehouse
  • Ability to share data widely under tight control, including to othe Trusts and ICSs in the regions

What results does it achieve?

Bedrock on Azure creates a comprehensive analytics platform specifically for NHS organisations leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform:
  • Free up significant resources from manual data manipulation through automation
  • Single source of rich and clean information capable of integration
  • Reduce the time for accurate data to be made available to create applications and reporting for frontline services
  • High-performance NHS-focused Data Warehouse platform on Azure which is fully customisable and extendible
  • Reporting platform for regulatory and statutory reports, commissioner data and returns, board packs, KPIs and operational reports, daily finance reports and budget modelling
  • Updated operational figures in minutes for real-time analysis of beds, A&E or other data

What healthcare reporting does it provide?

Bedrock on Azure makes processing and reporting faster, leveraging NHS England rules combined with local rules for various departments:


  • Monitor tariffs daily against plan on any device
  • Flexible forecasting to test rules and agreements
  • Manage charge allocation in near real time
  • Improve planning with early indicators and automated budgeting
  • Detailed data for every level including patient, clinician and department


  • Reduce costs and risks in producing statutory and commissioner returns
  • Automatic and immediate KPI reporting to mobile or desktop
  • Manage data quality for accurate SUS
  • Faster ad hoc analysis with always-on reporting 24x7
  • Simplify and improve RTT production
  • Better analytics and quality of reporting data


  • Access CDS & SUS files
  • Aggregate Contract Monitoring (ACM)
  • Interactive board packs on demand
  • Access live bed state and A&E breaches data
  • Streamline waiting list optimisation