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Your NAS on cloud; Retrieve your archives anywhere anytime

iNAS Documents

Check-in / Check-out

With the shield-like mechanism of iNAS, files are encrypted and stored in protecting virtual ‘containers’. Password check-ins and check-outs are not an optional to the access of encrypted information. With our convenient, few-stepped online registration, users can enjoy transparent, yet safe server experience.

Audit Trail

With our audit trail, every event happened online can be tracked --- making compliance easier than ever. By working according to the laws and regulations, iNAS can surely make management in the company easier.

Azure and O365

iNAS is founded on Azure and Office365, integrated to become an essential server for more convenient business and record management. Through partnering with Microsoft, Unissoft is pleased to provide a cloud based recordkeeping solution to Azure and Office365 users: protecting users from potential risks and faults.

iNAS Photos


Auto capture EXIF from photos.


Small photos (100KB) are used for display, thus saving significant network bandwidth.

Search Engine

Find any photos easily with our build-in and powerful search engine. Microsoft Cognitive Technology The Cognitive Technology will provide iNAS users additional function for advanced photo searching by recognizing face and environment tags in iNAS metadata.

Self-defined Classification View Users can create classes and sub-classes according to photo indexes like date, time, location, etc., offering another nice way to search your photos.

iNAS SmartContract

Use of Records

Supporting users to search, retrieve, print, download, check-in / check-out records, etc. in accordance with the security and access control of records

Security and Access Control

Protecting records from inadvertent or unauthorized alteration, deletion, access and retrieval; and monitoring the integrity of records through audit trail.

Blockchain and eSignature

iNAS is integrated with Blockchain technology by sending hash to a global public Blockchain network DigiByte in any transaction. iNAS therefore can secure the legality of the smart contracts.