Velvot e-Solutions


Velvot e-Solutions


Accelerate your digital journey and streamline business processes with Velvot- eSolution

Velvot eSolution is an enterprise application that helps small and medium sized organization to achieve digitalization of their sales process and spend management.

The benefits of using eSolution application are:

•Small and medium sized business can easily manage their corporate sales team, sales opportunity and pipelines
•The  solution provides a customer portal that allow organization to meet with the current market demands
•The solution allows staff of organization to raise expense request, which goes through approval process on the system

•The solution gives visibility on what the organization is spending money on.

Why Velvot eSolution?

Velvot eSolution exist to meet the demand of growing businesses who needs quality and affordable solution that meets their growing business demands.

Velvot eSolution offers: 

This Solution will empower your business with tools that delivers automation of your work processes.

An offer to get you started with offer you 30-days trial period to use our solution.