Managed Microsoft Defender for Cloud: 2-Month Implementation


NTT DATA’s enhanced managed CSPM & CWP powered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud service helps all enterprises by proactively and continuously securing their cloud workloads.

NTT DATA's enhanced managed Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) & Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) powered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud service helps all enterprises by proactively and continuously secure their cloud workloads by mitigating cloud risk through the prevention, detection, response and prediction of where excessive cloud infrastructure risk resides based on common frameworks, regulatory requirements and customer specific enterprise policies, along with Regulatory Compliance.

Service Deliverables:

  • Security monitoring to help ensure defense integrity of the Azure subscriptions, with analysis and validation support as sent by the SIEM or SOC team of impactful alerts
  • Daily vulnerability scan of protected resources, with analysis of findings and top concerns, and present to client
  • Validate remediation recommendations, assess impacts and present mitigation approach to the client, stakeholders, etc
  • Weekly evaluation using Secure Score, analyze and validate recommendations and prioritize based on criticality
  • Present top cloud security posture improvements for client consideration
  • Review of policy and automation workflow effectiveness to validate the client’s requirements are being met

Our comprehensive service consists of the following where each can be purchased separately or in combination:

  • Advisory is a consulting engagement designed to develop a comprehensive approach to cloud security posture management and cloud workload protection. It will be conducted through a series of interactive workshops that will help you deeply understand the technology, uncover functionality to align it to your objectives and determine controls that will define your ideal solution configuration. The workshop ends with a detailed design guide.
  • Implementation is performed by our advisory team and strategically and comprehensively embeds Microsoft Defender for Cloud capabilities that align with your security program, meet objectives, and protect your environment, while not hindering user productivity during the engagement. Implementation is conducted through a phased deployment approach. Each phase targets specific use cases to integrate best practices and is completed prior to enabling additional functionality.
  • Managed Services – Provides continual and comprehensive operational support, as well as security assessment and optimization support using Secure Score by analyzing and validating recommendations and prioritizing them based on criticality. The service is delivered by the cloud security engineering and management team to aid each client’s organization in deploying effective security measures over time to defeat evolving and complex threat actors.

Our Service enables the customer to detect and prevent threats across a wide variety of cloud services from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) layer to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) resources and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) in both the cloud and on premises.
Benefits of our Managed CSPM and CWP powered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud service:

  • Continuous discovery and identification of cloud workloads
  • Risk assessments using industry standard frameworks and/or best practices
  • Actionable Security Recommendations
  • Curated, Prioritized Security Alerts on risky new deployments or changes to the cloud environment, hosts or services
  • Continuous cloud risk management, risk visualization and risk prioritization capabilities via security dashboards that deliver rapid insights into security state across all the cloud workloads
  • Custom Workflow Automation and workbooks specific for client’s security requirements