Generative AI with Microsoft Azure Services - Step 2: Two Day Strategy Workshop


Develop your Generative AI Strategy and leverage Microsoft Azure Generative AI services to transform your business. Identify and prioritize candidate use cases and get ready for implementation.

We'll help you define your Generative AI strategy, working with you to identify and evaluate potential use cases, building a high-level business case for the most promising candidates, and demonstrating how Microsoft Azure AI Services enable rapid time to value . We'll help you to prioritise your use cases, using our evaluation framework to capture their potential business value and relative complexity (including any risks they may incur). We'll zero in on an appropriate technical approach for each use case, showing how we can leverage Microsoft Microsoft Azure AI Services to get you up and running rapidly, while mitigating risk and addressing compliance requirements.

You'll have a clear view of your priorities by this point, so we'll switch to a programme based perspective and work with you to define your Generative AI roadmap. This will help you to achieve consensus on when and where to invest, and take your highest priority use cases through to implementation in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We'll wrap up with a look at potential next steps, including an overview of a phased approach for adopting Generative AI, which provides a coherent roadmap from ideation right through to business as usual operation.

Please note that this workshop has been designed for organisations that have already taken their first steps on their Generative AI journey and are looking to establish an adoption strategy. If you're just starting to consider what Microsoft Azure Generative AI Services can offer your business, please take a look at our alternative workshop "Adopting Generative AI: Step 1 - Awareness Workshop".

*Pricing is indicative and is based on a single instance of a remote, two-day workshop. In-person or hybrid workshops and alternative durations can also be provided based on scope and subject to agreement.