Servian Data Compass, 2 Weeks, Workshop & Report


Servian’s Data Compass has been developed from our collective industry experience and data expertise to help build, improve, and measure your organisation’s data management capability.

Data Compass is a rapid, holistic assessment of your organisation’s data maturity, across People, Process and Technology.

The program uses a comprehensive framework of data management practices - across six key dimensions - that help to benchmark an organisation's capabilities; identify strengths and gaps; leverage data assets to improve business performance and establish a clear strategy for future success.

Our Servian Data Compass is part of our Azure Enablement framework - a step-by-step approach to building an organisation’s technology runway & quickly onboarding workloads that unlock business value.
We focus on the various Azure tools that are available, and how we can use them to better data management within your organisation.
The Data Compass runs for approximately 2 weeks and delivers structured workshops for all levels of the business, with everyone on one journey and an outcome of a tailored report, and roadmap that focuses on business values.


  • Week One: Introduction & Workshops

    Introduction - Welcome, Vision & Goals
    1. Architecture - Data Customers, Workloads, Toolset & Technology Architecture Layer & Modelling Construct.
    2. Operations- People, Process, Technology
    3. DeliveryIngestion, Sourcing, Integration
    4. Access - Data Centralisation, Inventory, Consumption, Support, Data Coverage
    5. Governance - Catalogue & Definitions, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Reference and Master Data, Roles & Responsibilities, Enablement
    6. Security- Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting, Infrastructure & Networking

  • Week Two: Report Creation, Delivery Report and Walkthrough

    Enquire with us today to find out more about this solution, including a list of detailed components, and how we can help you by fast-tracking your journey to the cloud.