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Syscoin Full Node

Blockchain Foundry, Inc.
Business blockchain platform powered by Syscoin
The Syscoin Full Node is a platform targeted at developers looking to interact with Syscoin via the command-line (CLI) or thru the internal JSON-RPC server. Once deployed this provides easy access to Syscoin's suite of decentralized of blockchain based business tools. All Syscoin services are secured by the Syscoin blockchain. Syscoin Full Node is offered within the Microsoft Azure platform where it can be deployed using Ubuntu in the cloud. It can be managed remotely via an easy to use JSON-RPC interface, direct command-line, or other tools provided by Blockchain Foundry, Inc. Syscoin Full Node provides access to a robust set of tools which can be used independently or in conjunction with one another to develop powerful decentralized business applications using blockchain technology. After deploying the syscoind process will auto-start any time the machine is booted/rebooted. SSH into the VM and run `syscoincli help` to begin interacting with the Syscoin client. For a detailed walkthrough and configuration instructions visit the Quickstart Guide.