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Dataiku DSS on HDInsight

Dataiku DSS is an integrated and collaborative data science platform.

Dataiku DSS is an enterprise data science platform built upon 3 core concepts:

  • Integration: DSS offers features and components to adress the entire data science process, from acquiring and preparing raw data data to training cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

  • Collaboration: DSS can be used either by data analysts with point-and-click interfaces to interactively analyze any kind of data, or by data scientists who can leverage their favorite frameworks (Python, R, MapReduce, Spark...). Dataiku enables transparency, sharing and reuse of best practices around data.

  • Production: DSS has powerful automation features to deploy data science workflows into production. With a clear separation between design and run phases, monitoring, advanced security and automation scenarios, Dataiku DSS will help integrating your data projects into your operations.

Thanks to its deep integrations with Hadoop and the ability to automatically generate MapReduce or Spark jobs, DSS is the perfect companion for your HDInsight cluster.