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Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3

With Visual Studio Enterprise you can create applications across devices and services, using an integrated, end-to-end DevOps solution for productivity and coordination across teams of any size.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is a suite of tools for creating software, from the planning phase through UI design, coding, testing, debugging, analyzing code quality and performance, deploying to customers, and gathering telemetry on usage. These images contain the originally released (“RTM”) versions of the tools, and are designed to work together as seamlessly as possible – all exposed through the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).You can use Visual Studio 2015 to create many kinds of applications, from simple store apps and games for mobile clients, to large, complex systems that power enterprises and data centers.

You can create:

  1. apps and games that run not only on Windows, but also Android and iOS.
  2. websites and web services based on ASP.NET, JQuery, AngularJS, and other popular frameworks
  3. applications for platforms and devices as diverse as Azure, Office, Sharepoint, Hololens, Kinect, and Internet of Things, to name just a few examples
  4. games and graphics-intensive applications for a variety of Windows devices, including Xbox, using DirectX.

Visual Studio 2015 by default provides support for C#, C and C++, JavaScript, F#, and Visual Basic. Visual Studio works and integrates well with third-party applications like Unity through the Visual Studio Tools for Unity extension and Apache Cordova through Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. You can extend Visual Studio yourself by creating custom tools that perform specialized tasks.