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Ulex Innovative Systems
Voximal allows you to create voice portals with VoiceXML language.
Voxibbot is a voice phone bot suite based on Asterisk and FreePBX propulsed by the Voximal VoiceXML interpreter .
  • Open minded: The core telephony software is Asterisk, the open source PBX. Web GUI is the popular FreePBX, running on LAMP (Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP).
  • Solid Standards: Voximal is compliant with VoiceXML 2.1's W3C standard language. Asterisk offers all common VoIP protocols, as SIP. Speech recognition and synthesis is available over MRCP's IETF standard or even native HTTP connector. The Voxibot suite runs on the unbeatable GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Modular: It’s ready for small installations to treat a few calls, and obviously, redundant configurations with many concurrent calls.
  • Programmable: It uses the standard VoiceXML programing language. It has many features that go beyond conventional voice server.

Usage Instructions: Once the instance is running, open your web browser to the public IP address of the instance to access the configuration GUI. You must choose a password that will be used to create an admin and root FreePBX users. You can call your Voxibot connecting an IAX softphone (we recommand Zoiper), or calling our Test Service directly.

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