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Unidesk Application Management

Unidesk is the open solution for Windows application packaging and image management. With Unidesk, IT administrators can package any Windows app as a virtual disk container (“layer”) for install-free delivery to session hosts and virtual desktops on any hypervisor or cloud. With Unidesk Elastic Layering applications are attached dynamically at logon to remote desktop session host (RDSH) sessions based on user policy. This enables Users’ sessions to be personalized with the applications they need. Unidesk supports leading virtualization and cloud platforms including Azure, Hyper-V, XenServer, Nutanix AHV and ESXi, while integrating with leading end user computing platforms including Azure RDSH, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS/RDSH, and VMware Horizon.

For Azure RDSH, Unidesk is the most efficient way to manage the lifecycle of your Windows apps from delivery to retirement, using one Windows Server image. Unidesk enables you to easily deploy Azure RDSH servers from a single Windows Server OS layer and any combination of app layers. To learn more, visit Unidesk for Azure.

To start your free trial, get your 7-day Test License. To learn how to set up Unidesk, read Install Unidesk. Then, click the Create button below to start your Unidesk deployment.