RTSP Server on IoT Edge, Inc.

RTSP Server on IoT Edge, Inc.

Publish or read live streams with RTSP

This module is developed from rtsp-simple-server to be able to run on IoT Edge.

The module runs as a IoT Edge container named RtspServer. While running the container image, you can publish live streams with RTSP. And read live streams with RTSP.

It can be used as a RTSP source in Azure Video Analyzer on Edge.

This module can be used with the Azure cloud native application WeDX Flow to simplify module management.

Minimum hardware requirements: Linux x64, arm64 and arm32 OS, 1GB of RAM, 500Mb of storage


  • The default stream port of the module is 8554
  • Publish live streams with RTSP(TCP)
  • Read live streams with RTSP(TCP)

Direct methods

  • Restart RTSP server
    • restart : {}

Environment variables

  • Not available

Desired properties

  • Not available

AVA(Azure Video Analyzer) Integration

  • Pipeline Topology sample (RtspSource)
    • "url": "rtsp://{ModuleName}:8554/{StreamName}"

Using VLC player to read stream

  • Shell
    • vlc rtsp://localhost:8554/mystream

Using FFmpeg to publish stream

  • Shell
    • ffmpeg -re -stream_loop -1 -i camera-300s.mkv -c copy -f rtsp -rtsp_transport tcp rtsp://localhost:8554/mystream