Cloudticity Oxygen, Managed Cloud for Healthcare

Cloudticity LLC

Cloudticity Oxygen, Managed Cloud for Healthcare

Cloudticity LLC

HITRUST-certified MSP for the healthcare industry

Cloudticity Oxygen™ is an Azure-native managed services platform for healthcare organizations that ensures high availability and continuous HIPAA/HITRUST compliance. Our advanced technology, combined with cloud & healthcare expertise allows IT departments to focus on incredible innovation. You innovate fast – we take care of the rest.

Continuous HIPAA/HITRUST compliance

1000+ continuous compliance checks directly mapped to HITRUST CSF controls and HIPAA CFRs

High availability and performance

Automated backups, patching, logging, and alerts. Work with your TAM to implement highly available, scalable, redundant, self-healing architecture that embrace Azure's Well Architected Framework

Reduced IT costs

Leveraging automation and machine learning to identify wasted spend, our solution saves customers 30% on cloud spend in the first three months.


Self-service model gives you control, access pre-vetted infrastructure templates to deploy infrastructure at your convenience

Why Cloudticity Oxygen™?

  • Trusted by top healthcare organizations: Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN), Diameter Health, Revel Health, Palmetto, Qr8 Health, Averhealth, and more healthcare organizations trust Cloudticity to manage and optimize their cloud environments. 

  • Strong focus on security: HITRUST certified, Cloudticity has never had a breach in 9 years of business.

  • Agility from automation: Our managed services platform automates 98% of service delivery, so you can count on updates happening fast.

  • Self-service model: no need to submit a ticket and wait to provision or retire infrastructure. Just use our preconfigured template and get to work on your objectives immediately.

  • Born-in-the-cloud, healthcare-specific: Cloudticity’s exclusive focus on healthcare and the cloud allows us to understand your business needs, be your partner, and help you succeed.