SurPaaS® Marketizer™

Corent Technology Inc.

5.0 (1)

SurPaaS® Marketizer™

Corent Technology Inc.

5.0 (1)

Publish Your Application at Rapid Pace on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource

SurPaaS® Marketizer™ helps you to rapidly publish your application* on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource without any code changes.

SurPaaS® Marketizer™ transforms your application into a "Publish Ready" application for Microsoft Azure Marketplace. There is no need for any code changes in your application since Marketizer™ takes care of handling Microsoft Azure Marketplace's SaaS Fulfillment and Metering APIs for your application. Publish your application on Microsoft Azure Marketplace through your MPN account using our easy-to-follow publishing guide and start monetizing it.

Application will be deployed on your Microsoft Azure account and Marketizer™ manages the interaction with Microsoft Azure Marketplace APIs. Microsoft Azure customers can provision an account themselves and start using your application. Marketizer™ provides different aspects of Business Services required for your application on marketplace and many other features such as:

  • Cloud Marketplace Integration

  • Customer Self-Provisioning

  • Subscription Management

  • Usage Monitoring

  • Usage Metering  and Aggregation Capabilities

  • Marketplace APIs Integration Workflows

  • Usage Posting to Marketplace for Billing

  • Customer Management through Single Dashboard

  • Full SaaS Enablement and Operations

  • and many more...


  • Application should be running on Microsoft Azure

  • Application should be a web application

  • Microsoft Azure account should be MPN enabled (refer Getting Started Guide for SurPaaS® Marketizer™ for more details)

* Plans listed are limited to publishing and managing one application on Azure Marketplace.

SurPaaS® Marketizer™ is available as part of the SurPaaS® Continuo™ platform. You can avail the continuous Cloud optimization and modernization capabilities in SurPaaS® Continuo™.