Digital Health Architect

Emmi Solutions, LLC

Digital Health Architect

Emmi Solutions, LLC

Engaging and up-to-date health consumer education content to power your digital care platform

Healthcare organizations turn to UpToDate, Lexicomp, Emmi, and Medi-Span to provide evidence-based content to support care decisions. These come together in Digital Health Architect™, giving you access to building blocks that deliver unique digital experiences and inspire confidence.

Digital health is growing exponentially, and it's changing how providers interact and engage with patients. This means that digital health platforms like yours not only need innovative solutions and advanced technology, but also  trusted and engaging content to enrich and give purpose to the interactions they support. Additionally, this content must be integrated into existing clinical workflows and systems and easily shared with patients.

The Digital Health Architect solution delivers best-in-class, consumer-friendly clinical content that supports your efforts to:

  • Provide your customers and users with evidence-based, updated health consumer content at their fingertips. No content development investment or ongoing content maintenance is required on your end

  • Enhance your organization’s ability to communicate with patients by using health consumer content developed on principles of behavioral science

  • Accelerate your team’s ability to leverage best-in-class content through different formats and quick delivery method 

With Digital Health Architect, we provide up-to-date and engaging health consumer content so that you can focus on evolving your digital platform and user experience.

Our health consumer content is developed by a network of more than 7,100 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers from our flagship solutions UpToDate®, Emmi®, Lexicomp®, and Medi-Span®,

making it uniquely comprehensive. Our full suite of turnkey, evidence-based digital health content comprises:

  • 3,900+ patient education articles and graphics on diseases and procedures that promote health literacy and treatment compliance

  • 300+ patient engagement videos that coach and empower people to be more effective patients

  • 3,500+ adult and pediatric medications and natural products articles that foster enhanced knowledge and medication adherence

Digital Health Architect provides technical capabilities and tools that make it easy to seamlessly embed our health consumer content into your platform.

Our web services follow modern technical and authentication standards and are fully documented in our Developer Portal. Content is provided in HTML format with built-in responsive design and easily customizable styling. View our catalog of available content and see our APIs in action in our Content Browser.

Digital Health Architect supports health consumer content needs across a variety of settings, use cases, and workflows.

  • Search & browse – Our APIs support a customizable search experience with options to search by keyword with auto-suggest or browse content by category. Enable care coordinators and providers to easily search, select, and share engaging content directly with patients or empower health consumers to search across our entire library of health consumer content.
  • Contextual search - automatically suggest relevant health consumer content to end users based on contextual clinical codes (ICD-10, RxNorm, Snomed, and LOINC codes search terms supported) using our Coded Search API.

  • Curate and publish – build and publish customized content sets.