Internal ticketing for ops and service teams: submit, assign and prioritize.

Did you know the average first response time for an internal ticket is over 24 hours and every internal ticket can cost as much as $40?

Most companies struggle to find a solution that handles internal tickets and approvals for teams like facilities, Ops, IT, HR, legal, and customer support. Their current process usually involves group mailboxes, messaging threads and scattered forms across multiple locations. This leads to "is it done yet?" or "who is handling that?"

With Jetdocs you can create your own central internal ticketing and approval system in minutes with over 80 templates that come out-of-the-box. This reduces average response times and creates a happier and more productive organization. 

With your own customizable portal, Jetdocs Bot, general queue and out-of-the-box templates (all no-code), you can fully integrate your requests and tickets without leaving Microsoft Teams.

By fully integrating into Microsoft Teams with a tab and bot offering, Jetdocs works alongside your employees. It is time to step away from group mailboxes, emails, long messaging threads and give your employees a reliable service experience, where they are already working!

Facilities & Office Mgmt:

  • New employee equipment (laptop, swag etc.)
  • General facilities request
  • New supplies request

IT & Support:

  • Report a bug
  • IT General support request
  • New integration request
  • Set up a new MS Teams team/channel

Human Resources:

  • Candidate qualification: background checks
  • Attend a conference or event
  • Employee suggestion
  • Exit interview
  • Compensation change conversation
  • Employee opinion survey

Accounting & Finance:

  • Travel expense claim
  • Purchase order
  • Generate invoice
  • Request team event budget

Marketing & Content:

  • Graphic design request
  • Social media request
  • Newsletter sign-up


  • Request to fill out client documentation
  • Contract review
  • Request NDA

Kudos & Praise:

  • Employee appreciation
    • use this to gather feedback on a weekly or monthly basis to distribute in your company newsletter or emails


  • Process improvement request
  • Team directory change
  • Remote work - request for supplies/items

Customer and Client Service:

  • Customer complain
  • New customer idea

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