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Learning Management system (LMS)

Opigno is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) based on Drupal architecture. Designed for universities, large enterprises, corporations, and NGOs, Opigno is renowned for its scalability, flexibility, and security. It is available in a cloud-based SaaS model or as a self-hosting system.

It offers the possibility of participating in on-demand learning from any location and through any device. Opigno is crafted to promote healthy competition while enabling better communication and community-building.

Opigno runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Collaborative Tools

Opigno allows integrating live meetings into the learning path. It helps students, teachers, and employees stay updated with internal messaging while also facilitating community-building and interaction through the in-training forums.

Robust Content Management System

With Opigno, you can create courses, tests, quizzes, activities, questionnaires, and much more. Learners can edit their learning paths, while instructors and trainers can introduce skill and gamification systems into the courses.

Maximum Security

You are assured of the highest global standards of security with Opigno. A Private File System is in-built. Besides, you can also avail yourself of Data Encryption and 2-factor authenticator.

Powerful Integrations

Enjoy enhanced search with the Apache Solr. Enable secure and quick authentication with LDAP, CAS, OpenID, and oAuth 2. Provide personalized and tailored learner experience with TinCan xAPI.