Semperis Directory Services Protector


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Semperis Directory Services Protector


(15 classificações)

The industry’s most comprehensive hybrid Active Directory threat detection and response platform

If your hybrid AD isn't secure, nothing is.

Business applications on-premises and in the cloud rely on Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, making it a critical piece of your IT infrastructure. But securing Active Directory is difficult given its constant flux, sheer number of settings, and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Securing a hybrid system brings additional challenges as many attacks start on-premises and move to the cloud. Semperis Directory Services Protector (DSP) continuously monitors Active Directory and Azure Active Directory for indicators of exposure and provides a single view of activities on-prem and in the cloud.

Proactively protect AD and Azure AD from cyberattacks with Semperis Directory Services Protector

Catch AD and Azure AD vulnerabilities before attackers do -- attackers are getting better by the minute at targeting soft spots in your hybrid AD system, exploiting weaknesses in on-premises AD to enter the environment, then moving online to Azure AD.

DSP continuously monitors for indicators of exposure and compromise—uncovered by the Semperis threat research team— that threaten AD and Azure AD.

Eliminate blind spots in hybrid Active Directory security – Attackers use powerful hacking and discovery tools to create backdoors and establish persistent access inside of hybrid Active Directory—avoiding detection by traditional SIEM solutions.

DSP uses multiple data sources—including the AD replication stream—to capture changes that evade agent-based or log-based detection. The DSP solution for Microsoft Sentinel expands the sight of Microsoft Sentinel to include previously hidden AD security data.

Enable rapid recovery – Intruders and rogue administrators can rapidly wreak havoc across your systems on a scale that is difficult to monitor and remediate effectively with human intervention.

Semperis DSP provides a unified dashboard that shows malicious changes in your on-prem Active Directory and Azure Active Directory so you can close security gaps before attackers strike.

Additional features include:

· Vulnerability assessment

· Automated remediation and rollback

· Forensic analysis

· Powerful reporting and notifications