MongoDB® 4.4 for LINUX CentOS 7.9

Tidal Media Inc

MongoDB® 4.4 for LINUX CentOS 7.9

Tidal Media Inc

MongoDB® is a general purpose leading database for modern applications and for the cloud era.

MongoDB® 4.4 for LINUX CentOS 7.8

Find lots of useful features in a software solution - pre-configured VM with MongoDB® and CentOS. This VM uses MongoDB® 4.4 and CentOS 7.8

One of the main components of MongoDB® is a document-based, distributed database. The data here are stored in JSON-like documents providing an easy and flexible way for developers to use this database: instead of tables it uses collections.

With the NoSQL model, MongoDB® works easily even with the streaming data.

As for CentOS - it’s a free operating system, one of the most popular Linux distributions. Though it was built using much of Red Hat Enterprise Linux codebase, now it has expanded immensely.

CentOS is positioned like a predictable and reliable platform. Nevertheless, it also provides a great way to experiment with the latest innovations and there are plenty of resources to learn more about it.

The main features:

  • MongoDB® enables the storage of various data, even heterogeneous
  • MongoDB® provides quick logging and caching
  • MongoDB® supports sharding when the data are partitioned and therefore the overall speed and performance increase
  • MongoDB® identifies and rectifies the errors easily
  • CentOS is highly compatible with RHEL and updates regularly

With all the features of VM with MongoDB® on CentOS 7.8, this software solution is great for creating complex websites with high demand for scalability, availability, flexibility and up-to-date analytics.

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