Xceptor, the data automation platform for financial markets


Xceptor, the data automation platform for financial markets


The data automation platform for financial markets.

Xceptor is the data automation platform for financial markets providing data ingestion, standardization, normalization, and validation services. Catering to thousands of unique use cases, its highly configurable and enterprise-grade platform offers proprietary solutions for tax, reconciliations, confirmations, client onboarding, and allocations. Since 2003, Xceptor has been empowering businesses worldwide to trust their data and digitize their end-to-end processes. With offices in London, New York, Singapore, Cape Town, and Sydney, Xceptor serves nearly 150 clients and over 11,500 users across 60 countries, including banks, asset managers, hedge funds, custodians, and asset servicers.

The Xceptor Platform

Our enterprise-grade, highly configurable platform ingests data, and transforms it for use in thousands of possible workflows within their organizations across pre-and post-trade processes, tax processing, regulatory compliance and risk management. Xceptor connects to any source, in any format and extracts the relevant data for transformation and validation. Our technology classifies documents, segments them and extracts the data from documents as varied as forms, PDFs, emails or even faxes.

Users can build applications to support their business workflow requirements with almost no limitations – if they can conceive of a way in which their data should be transformed to improve a process, they can create it. This is enhanced with a community of connectors to enrich these applications and empower clients to do more.

The platform is also the bedrock of our pre-configured solutions that work across the trade lifecycle such as client onboarding, reconciliations, affirmations and confirmations, allocations and tax processing.

The platform is a bridge that connects front-, middle- and back-office processes by ingesting, transforming, standardizing and validating all data, from all sources then delivering this data directly into the workflows it’s most needed.


  • Time and cost efficiency - we've dramatically reduced the time required for trade-related processes. This translates into impressive cost savings of up to £700k annually for our clients. We've also optimized resources, slashing overtime hours by almost 2,000 annually, equivalent to approximately 250 working days.
  • Unique configurable platform - our unique, configurable platform, coupled with proprietary applications, has a proven track record of automating processes across organizations. We boast over 3,000 successful use cases deployed for a single global client, serving a user base of 4,000. Overall, our clients have created and deployed many thousands of use cases.
  • Global reach and satisfied clients - our platform is trusted by almost 100 clients and serves over 11,500 users across more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • Operational success - Xceptor clients average 95% straight-through processing and our solutions have led to a remarkable 86% reduction in trade capture error incidence and a staggering 86% improvement in trade processing handling time. Not to mention a 30% improvement in trade reconciliation handling time, along with £700k in annual legacy saving costs and 1,872 reduced overtime hours annually.
  • Reliability and security - Xceptor is available as a SaaS or client-hosted solution and is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the highest level of data security.

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