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MX Public Store Edition

NDL Software
The complete mobile platform for designing and publishing public-facing mobile store apps

Designed to allow organisations the opportunity to engage with members of the public to develop new services and promote social inclusion, MX Public Store Edition represents a new era in mobile app delivery. Whether you are an NHS Trust promoting wellbeing and the gathering of data to allow your clinicians to help meet the needs of their patients, a Local Authority or Housing Association looking to better engage with citizens and tenants, the ability to provision useful mobile apps to deliver services and gather rich data is a massive step forward in the Digital journey.

  • Easy to do yourself without specialist developers: you’re in control and can make updates quickly.
  • Integrates with the back office, eliminating costly and time-consuming re-typing.
  • Runs on any device type, so users can get your apps on any platform.
  • Operates offline, meaning users can record and access information whether in or out of signal.
  • Managed and secure, ensuring users' data is always safe.
  • Deploy apps via Public Stores, including Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.