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Speedus Lite Ubuntu Server Accelerator

Speedus Lite accelerates apps in a non-intrusive way, optimizing intra-server and LAN comms

Torusware is a global provider of optimization software for LAN and intraserver bus communications. Torusware offers the latest networking technologies for cloud providers, enterprise and solutions for Big Data acceleration in a completely application transparent way.

Speedus is a Torusware product for accelerating applications in a non-intrusive way through optimizing BUS (intra-server) and LAN (Local Area Network) communications for the enterprise, cloud and big data.

This virtual machine contains a fully integrated, ready to use and free version, Speedus Lite. Deploy the virtual machine and install your application as you would do in any other server, no further steps have to be made. In order to launch the application with speedus, just prepend speedus to the command that launches your applications. For further information about launching your applications with Speedus, please check our Azure Quick Start Guide and Environment Configuration page.

Launching your application with Speedus, you will automatically obtain benefits such as:

  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Latency