Conversational AI for Healthcare

Hyro Inc.

Conversational AI for Healthcare

Hyro Inc.

AI-Powered Conversational Interfaces for Healthcare

Supercharge patient engagement across all digital touchpoints with NLU-powered voice & text capabilities. Converse easily, convert more and gain actionable patient insights along the way. 

Hyro seamlessly transforms troves of data into AI-powered conversational interfaces, simplifying the patient journey across channels such as websites, apps and call centers. Setting itself apart from other solutions, Hyro offers organizations seamless plug & play deployment and frictionless maintenance by automatically scraping, ingesting, and transforming complex content into simple dialogue. No integrations, playbooks, or training data required.

Customers are using Hyro to:

  • Rapidly deploy and maintain NLU-powered conversational systems

  • Cut customer service costs and alleviate stress on support teams by reducing the number of live agents

  • Uncover and analyze actionable patient insights with a real-time conversational dashboard

  • Reduce patient churn rate while increasing conversions

Some of Hyro's use cases in Healthcare:

Patient Access & Care Delivery

Care Management

  • Find physicians & services

  • Schedule, cancel and confirm appointments         

  • Call center support and auto-calling

  • Find/ register for clinical trials

  • Rx management and support

  • Troubleshooting & FAQs

Health providers implementing Hyro experience on average:

  • +46% Increase in Targeted Conversion Rate

  • +600% Increase in Patient Time on Website

  • -31% Patient Bounce Rate on Website