ThingsBoard on Debian 10

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ThingsBoard on Debian 10

Apps4Rent LLC

Open-source IoT Platform, Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT solution.

It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. ThingsBoard combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data.

ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform that enables rapid development, management, and scaling of IoT projects. Our goal is to provide the out-of-the-box IoT cloud or on-premises solution that will enable server-side infrastructure for your IoT applications.

Features of Things Board:

  • * Collect and visualize data from devices and assets.
  • * Analyze incoming telemetry and trigger alarms with complex event processing.
  • * Provision devices, assets and customers, and define relations between them.
  • * Push device data to other systems.
  • * Control your devices using remote procedure calls (RPC).

Get Started with This Ready-To-Go ThingsBoard installead on Debian10

This readymade ThingsBoard installed on Debian10 offered by Apps4Rent takes away all the complexities in integration to Azure. All you need to do is just download the custom-built image and you are ready to go.

Easy ThingsBoard Installation and Support by Azure Experts

To verify that ThingsBoard has been installed correctly, run the following commands in the commands prompt:

  • sudo systemctl status thingsboard : To check the status of ThingsBoard
  • sudo systemctl status postgresql : To check the status of postgresql

* Please refer the "credentials.txt" file saved in the path "/var/credentials.txt" for more details.

 We at Apps4Rent helps you deploy ThingsBoard across different OSes on Azure. Tested by the Apps4rent engineers, ThingsBoard is supported by Azure cloud infrastructure precisely. In case you have any issues, our Azure experts are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. Get in touch today!

Disclaimer: Apps4Rent does not offer commercial licenses of any of the products mentioned above. The products come with open-source licenses.

Default port:22
Allow port:

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