iPerf3 Server on Linux 7.9 Minimal

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iPerf3 Server on Linux 7.9 Minimal

Art Group

iPerf3 Server on Linux CentOS 7.9 Minimal: An open-source tool for network performance measurement

iPerf3 Server on Linux CentOS 7.9 Minimal

Sometimes we all need to check our network when we see that it doesn’t work properly, or we want to improve the quality of the network. In such situations, iPerf3 is a helpful instrument that gives us proper and precise information about our network performance.

iPerf3 is a generator of TCP and UDP traffic for testing network bandwidth. With its help, it is quite easy to measure the maximum bandwidth of the network between the server and the client and carry out load testing of the communication channel.

What is necessary for using iPerf3 and how it works? IPerf3 must be installed on both machines taking part in testing. IPerf3 is started on one node in server mode. In another, the client node will attempt to initiate a connection with the server node and once connected will start to push data over the connection. It’s important that you have the ability to adjust the characteristics of the connection by options provided to the IPerf3.

Finally, it is a fantastic tool for measuring network speed and capacity and is quite straightforward to use. Start testing your network with iPerf3 Server on Linux CentOS 7.9 Minimal right now.

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