Artificial Solutions - Teneo

Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions - Teneo

Artificial Solutions

Enterprise Conversational AI Platform optimized for Microsoft Azure

Together, Artificial Solutions and Microsoft enable the most advanced conversational AI technology for large enterprise and global contact centers.

Teneo scales with incredible efficiency across Azure infrastructure and is deeply integrated with Azure cognitive, communication, and analytics services. Get even more value out of the Microsoft enterprise ecosystem by leveraging Teneo with Azure.

Teneo works together with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. Solutions built in Power VA can now be deployed with even greater speed and scale across the global contact center. Improve virtual agent response times, listen with greater understanding, and speak with greater fidelity by leveraging the combined power of Teneo and Azure.

  • Hybrid Language Understanding

Teneo’s unique hybrid language features coupled with Azure’s powerful language services allow for the highest precision and highest accuracy in understanding and communicating with your customers.

  • Virtual Agent Orchestration

Teneo allows the enterprise to deploy any number different of virtual agents supporting different customers across different channels all through a scalable, unified conversational AI platform.

  • Voice and Telephony

Teneo combined with Power VA and Azure Communication Services unlock an incredible opportunity for scalable voice automation across the contact center.

  • Data for Enterprise

Teneo feeds your customer experience and enterprise data engines with invaluable conversational metrics and insights.