VR Bus Ride


VR Bus Ride


VR simulation training for persons with learning disabilities to learn how to commute independently.

The VR bus ride simulation training is a tailored software solution, which teaches the user all aspects needed to be able to take a bus to and from their destination in a protected and safe virtual reality environment. The objective of the VR bus ride is to help users learn to commute independently in a safe and controlled, yet fun environment under guided supervision.

The VR bus ride route is tailored for user groups with learning disabilities, such as Autism Spectra Disorder, ASD, Neurodiversity, ADHD, ADD, Attention Deficient Disorder and Hyper activeness. And is designed to guide them through all aspects of taking a bus from one place to the other, independently.

In this bus simulation, a virtual companion takes the students through the whole experience of travelling by themselves. This companion will support the user throughout their journey, teaching them how to maintain focus even in crowded environments, the process of payment, finding a seat, coping with noise and much more. There are several levels within the simulation, allowing the user to try enhanced challenges and become even more adept in difficult settings. Rewards for successes are incorporated into each of the different levels.

The simulation is designed to expose the students to real-world experiences, gradually, without overwhelming them with multiple sensory inputs in the beginning. This enables a smooth transition from dependence to independence.

Each bus route is specifically tailored to customer request including specification of target group needs, and incorporates not only the visual of specific roads but emphasizes a focus on recognizable milestones, such as churches, town halls, monuments, etc.

The VR bus ride is a unique tool designed for direct skill transference, from virtual reality to the real world. Hereby strengthening the prospects, independence and enhancing the quality of life for some of our most challenged citizens.

The Challenge:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficient Hyper Activeness Disorder (ADHD) are serious developmental disorders that impair the ability to communicate and interact. People suffering from these disorders undergo difficulties in terms of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical health development.

While the range and severity of these symptoms can vary widely, teaching basic life skills to these students takes a lot of dedicated time and effort. Special teachers and other educators need to invest a lot of time and effort in working on an individual basis with the students, handholding them in real life situations until they are confident enough to manage a skill such as commuting independently.

Traditionally, this involves explaining the route, commuting with them a few times until they feel confident to take public transport by themselves. Until such a time, special transportation arrangements (a physical personal guide) are made for these persons, often for many years. With the use of the VR bus ride, we are able to optimize this timeframe through faster and more effective transference of skills from virtual to physical reality.

Key traits of VR Bus Ride:

· Tailor made route depictions, customer needs driven, daily life skill simulation training.

· Ability to monitor student progress and improvement.

· Several levels with unique and complex challenges to enhance skillsets.

· The platform runs on Quest 2.

· Improved cognitive performance, such as working memory, executive function, and attention span.

· This solution is developed in close collaboration with therapists, clinicians, and specialist teachers.

· This application is available in any European language.

· Solution is GDPR compliant with an annual license upgrade.