ChainSys Enterprise Data Management (EDM)


ChainSys Enterprise Data Management (EDM)


Complete Enterprise Data Management with holistic solutions to ensure a Centralized Data Ecosystem

Enterprise Data Management

Lead your business in the right direction with ChainSys’ Enterprise Data Management Solution- where we bring a holistic approach focused on the meaning, quality, and reliability of your data. Using carefully architected Data Pipelines, we offer the ability to transfer data accurately and securely among partners, subsidiaries, applications, and/or processes with the capacity to seamlessly integrate, govern, secure, and share data from multiple data streams. Let us help you implement a successful EDM initiative to achieve high-quality, accurate insights that improve you enterprises’ decision-making and overall empower efficiencies

Digitally Transform Your Enterprise in a Meaningful Way With the Smart Data Platform:

  • Consolidate your data across multiple source for increase efficiency

  • Get a consistent data architecture that scales with your enterprise

  • Centralize data across legacy and cloud systems, unifying discrete data models & object sets

  • Collect machine data, sensor data & other device information, and providing real-time analytics

  • A catalog to make data searchable and maintain data lineage, entity relationships, business glossary and data virtualization

  • Make clean data from the EDM ‘data lake’ available in real-time for analytics and reporting

  • Drive analytics and data science, based on clean, factual data from the EDM ‘data lake’.

Build a System For Long-Term Success With ChainSys EDM:

  • Access to high-quality data for accurate analysis

  • Ensures your data is secure and compliant under regulations

  • Govern, centralize & manage high volumes of data across your organization

  • Reconcile data that is migrated/integrated across applications to ensure integrity & audit compliance

  • Create a single source of truth, along with strict quality and governance for data

  • Uncover valuable data may be have previously been hidden or unknown