Directed Analytics

Directed Analytics

Directed Analytics

Directed Analytics

Optimize digital marketing activity performance and increase digital marketing activity ROI

To maximize digital marketing activity ROI for clients, digital marketing firms need to be able to connect all the dots. They need to see the big picture and understand how all of the pieces fit and work together to reach their client’s marketing budget & sales goals. To accomplish these objectives, digital marketing firms must have an approach in place that will not only quantify, track and analyze performance data but also provide insight and direction for strategic adjustments along the way - the 4SightGPS Digital Marketing Optimization (DMO) software is the corner piece to enabling firms to maximize the digital marketing ROI puzzle.


Digital Marketing Firm Pain Points:

•   Wasted money on digital marketing efforts

•   Wasted time on trial-and-error methods 

•   Inability to understand impacts of digital marketing plan

4SightGPS DMO Benefits:

•   A single dashboard for reporting & evaluation

•   Ability to track & analyze data in a visual roadmap

•   Builds a library for strategic adjustments