ehCOS Remote Health


ehCOS Remote Health


Virtual attention, patient monitoring and population management on a single platform.

What is ehCOS Remote Health?

ehCOS Remote Health is the Telehealth platform developed by NTT DATA, scalable, interoperable, and centered on the patient and on public health, which links up with hospital systems, Electronic Medical Records and remote devices to monitor the patient, improving safety and the quality of healthcare.

It adds analytical capacities to hospital and community health management, helping to manage patient relationships and to conduct healthcare campaigns among the public.

ehCOS Remote Health gathers all patient information in one place for the attention, care and management of their treatment.

Multi-channel access to the system from the medical portal in case of professionals, patient portal or mobile applications available for each profile.

Why should customers use ehCOS Remote Health?

An innovative means for new hybrid models of care

· Caring and communicating: Implementing remote care processes, synchronous and asynchronous monitoring and virtual assistants

· Managing public health and resilience: Facilitating epidemiological and population analysis to organize and optimize Healthcare resources

· Preventing and educating: Performing proactive services for healthcare promotion, by means of personalized campaigns, plans and reminders

High-quality healthcare services

· Improved access to healthcare services

· Rapid diagnosis and optimization of clinical processes

· Improved patient experience and satisfaction

· Quality and safety of care

· Improved continued treatment and coordination of care

· Patient commitment and prevention

Improved community management and resilience of healthcare services

· More responsive public health management and prevention

· Improved responsiveness in clinical and public health management

· Improved patient experience and satisfaction