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Elfsquad CPQ Software

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Elfsquad CPQ: where scalable sales meets error-free production.

Does your manufacturing company struggle across your pre-production process with the complexity of your product? Elfsquad’s CPQ platform is where manufacturing businesses of complex products scale their sales and eliminate production errors.

Your customer's demand for customized solutions results in an increase in variety in your product offering. This is making your sales process increasingly complex and prone to mistakes in quotes. Not just mistakes made by your sales team, but also by your dealers or agents. Incorrect quotes and sales orders are bad input for your engineering and production process.

You can eliminate all these costly inefficiencies using Elfsquad CPQ.

Our solution allows sellers and buyers to configure complex products and connects your end customers directly to your production process. Increasing sales opportunities and simultaneously optimizing the efficiency of your production. Elfsquad CPQ empowers manufacturing businesses with a platform for scalable growth. Elfsquad focuses on ease of use, connectivity, and AI-based solver technology. This ensures manufacturing companies with a future-proof scalable digital sales channel.

With Elfsquad CPQ:
- Errors in even the most complex quotes and BOMs drop to zero.
- Your sales team, dealers, or agents generate quotes in minutes.
- You generate flawless BOMs for ERP.
- You automatically generate CAD drawings or control CAD parameters.
- You create an online configurator accessible for online orientation or online requests for your products.
- You can integrate easily with Microsoft Office 365 Business Central, CAD, CRM, and other business applications you already have in use.

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Why Elfsquad CPQ?

Building and updating configuration models should be in the hands of the user. Elfsquad empowers manufacturing businesses with an engine to create scalable growth. That’s why Elfsquad CPQ:

  • Is implemented with zero programming knowledge.

  • Needs to be 100% cloud-based.

  • Can handle any type of complexity.

  • Focuses on ease of use.

  • Is based on an AI engine that solves complex calculations and helps you with building configuration models.

  • Doesn’t focus on consultancy, but on creating the best user experience and support for fast self-implementation.

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