Expero Connected for Financial Crimes

Expero LLC

Expero Connected for Financial Crimes

Expero LLC

Identify, visualize and address all types of financial crimes

Expero CoNNected for Financial Crimes is a modular, configurable solution for global investigative teams that provides the functionality to detect, identify, connect and visualize all types of financial crimes and use cases. The solution can be used in all aspects of banking, financial services and insurance. A sample of use cases include:

  • Transaction Fraud (credit card, wires, payments, etc)

  • Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Rings

  • Trading and Brokerage Fraud

  • Internal Fraud

  • ID Falsification & Theft

  • Cybersecurity

  • Audit & Compliance

  • Claim, Dispute

  • Law Enforcement Prosecution.

The Expero CoNNected solution is designed to be modular and extremely flexible. The solution can be a stand alone solution with everything required. The solution can also be modularized, if customers already have current elements of a platform. Here are few key elements :

  • Full solution as turn-Key or bolt on to existing solutions. Examples (i.e. Actimize, Oracle Mantas, etc)

  • Graph database : Includes 60+ ML and Graph database with algorithms for fraud detection or BYOL (Bring own Graph DB license)

  • Simple User Interfaces for both business (investigation teams) and Technical (IT & ML) detect, alert, investigate and manage case cases. Included modules:

    • Dashboards

    • Alert management

    • Explorer deep link investigation

    • Case management

  • Integration - The Expero solution can integrate with existing databases, legacy (e.g. RDBMS) or next generation, real time data store (Graph, NoSQL, New SQL, etc.) and complements existing 3rd party fraud tools.