FullData BV


FullData BV

CloudXcellence //CONTROL your cloud EFFORTLESSLY. Pro-actively manage your Azure subscriptions.

Managing a constantly changing cloud environment requires an extra pair of eyes. Actually, you need 4!

Quadruple your grip on:

COST // decrease cloud costs by validating resource usage and efficiency

PERFORMANCE // remove bottlenecks and adjust where needed to increase and optimize cloud performance. Streamline data transfers with insights from source to destination

PROACTIVE // AI-powered notifications warn you when business is not running as usual

SUSTAINABILITY // report your carbon footprint based on actual usage.

CloudXcellence is developed and built cloud native, and based on real world optimizations we found working with customers over the last five years. The four focus areas mentioned above are typically overlooked when not properly managing the cloud.

CloudXcellence will get you started in no time to gain grip. The magic? We identify the resources that cause high run rates overall, and advise clearly about the ones that are unused, potentially orphaned, or running slowly. All the cost and workload insights that you look for as the overall manager cost manager or team lead.

CloudXcellence provides a single view of insights about relevant data sources and destinations used with Azure Logic Apps and Azure Data Factory, with the amounts of data processed, throughput, and references to personal IDs. These simplify migration when switching between data providers or when employees leave the company.