IBM Cloud Pak for Data


IBM Cloud Pak for Data


Accelerate your journey to AI and transform your business with an extensible data and AI platform

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an analytics platform that helps you prepare your data for AI. It enables data engineers, data stewards, data scientists, and business analysts to collaborate using an integrated multiple-cloud platform. 
Cloud Pak for Data uses IBM’s deep analytics portfolio to help organizations meet data and analytics challenges. The required building blocks (collect, organize, analyze, infuse) for information architecture are available using Cloud Pak for Data on Azure. 

Key Features:  
- Connect ALL data and eliminate data silos for self service analytics 
- Automate and govern a unified data & AI lifecycle 
- Analyze your data in smarter ways, with ML and Deep Learning capabilities 
- Operationalize AI with trust and transparency

This template deploys IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.5.0 on Openshift Container Platform 4.5. It creates Azure services and features, including VNets, Availability Zones, Availability Sets, security groups, Managed Disks, and Azure Load Balancers to build a reliable and scalable cloud platform. 

Cloud Pak for Data offers a try and buy experience. When you buy Cloud Pak for Data you will automatically OpenShift entitlements to run your workloads. Cloud Pak for Data offers a 60-day trial and beyond the 60-day period, you will need to purchase the Cloud Pak for Data by following the instructions in the 'Purchase' section below. 

Deploying this template:


- Azure App Service Domain

- Azure Service Principal with Contributor and User Access Administrator roles.

- RedHat OpenShift Pull Secret

- Cloud Pak for Data v3.5.0 API Key

Click here for a more detailed documentation including the architecture diagram.