Liquid C2 Azure Landing Zones

Liquid Telecommunications Operations Limited

Liquid C2 Azure Landing Zones

Liquid Telecommunications Operations Limited

Move quickly to the cloud with security, governance, networking, and Identity aligned to Microsoft b

Save time and reduce risk by automating the set-up of your Microsoft approved Azure Landing Zone

Azure Landing Zones, based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), enable organisations of all sizes to create a rapid. secure and efficient cloud foundation that scales as your business does.

At Liquid C2, we leverage pre-built, custom, and automated Landing Zones to fast track your journey to a production-ready, well-governed, and secure Azure environment.

Whether you are building a new environment, aligning an existing one, or looking for ways to enhance and evolve – Landing Zones get you up and running in Azure quickly.

What’s included

Rest easy knowing our experienced team of cloud architects, delivery and support engineers will design and deploy your Azure Landing Zone – aligned to your business requirements and the latest Microsoft best practices.


  • Review your current environment and understand your requirements through an in depth questionnaire

Plan and design

  • Leverage a customised assessment to help plan and design your Landing Zone


  • Expert level cloud delivery engineers are ready to deploy the prescribed Landing Zone


  • Leverage our Azure expertise for monitoring, management, and support