Server Hardening Audit By Khika

Khika Technologies Private Limited

Server Hardening Audit By Khika

Khika Technologies Private Limited

Server Hardening/Configuration Audit for Windows and Linux

Misconfiguration such as default values for settings, easy and unencrypted passwords etc. have been regarded as the low hanging fruit for hackers and has been repeatedly exploited even in very reputed organizations. Non compliance with this basic requirement is being frowned upon by regulators worldwide. Yet it remains difficult to prevent the drift in configuration and keep a continuous check on configuration of servers as per customizable criteria.

Khika’s hardening tracker available as a service in Azure cloud makes it hassle free for Infrastructure admins, CISOs, Internal and External auditors, Cyber security insurers to check hardening without infrastructure setup, implementation effort or maintenance and assure the Board with a proper report on the same. We maintain all of this just offering the end results of a comprehensive check for you.

This means reduced attack surface and proper compliance reports for the auditors and regulators.

For Auditor and Board

Comprehensive Configuration check in minutes to demonstrate your Board and regulators

For Cyber Insurance Companies

Quick Sanity check process before signing off on the cyber insurance

For IT Admin/CISO

    • Easy ready made dashboards to show to the auditor
    • Accurate timely reports to identify misconfigurations

Neglecting server hardening is like living with vulnerabilities in our network waiting for attackers to easily gain access and auditors to point out issues. Auditors and Board members have to sign off on several infrastructures without doing a proper check due to the unavailability of easy tools to check the same.

Practical issues in server hardening

    • Poor Coverage: Only critical servers covered, while we forget that other servers in the network present. The risk is similar to keeping windows open though the door is closed.
    • Lack of tracking & Visibility : Hardening done while commissioning server initially but cannot be tracked regularly. Gathering and aggregating configuration information in a single system is easier said than done..
    • Conflict of interest : Some security policies come in way of running production environment smoothly
    • Operations teams and security teams have different goals

Khika Server Hardening Audit:

    • Enables you to reach from setup to results within minutes with user friendly design and GUI
    • Empowers you with visibility of your servers’ state with metrics, historical trends, non compliance details etc. in actionable interactive scheduled reporting dashboards
    • Continuous monitoring enables you to fix things timely - with accurate information.

Khika’s hardening app is based on the CIS benchmark (although not an exact match), which is a set of standard policies used by many organizations keeping in mind the goal of improving security posture.

It also allows selecting/deselecting certain policies depending on customer requirement to line up with organizational policies and prevent false alert fatigue.

Reach us at to know how you can improve security posture and setup regular tracking and monitoring process in your organization for server hardening for Linux and Windows.