EJBCA SaaS - With Key Vault Backed CA Keys

Keyfactor, Inc.

EJBCA SaaS - With Key Vault Backed CA Keys

Keyfactor, Inc.

EJBCA SaaS, PKI delivered as a service with Azure Key Vault key storage

SaaS-delivered PKI, managed by experts.

Keyfactor EJBCA SaaS (Formerly PrimeKey EJBCA SaaS) provides you with the full power of EJBCA Enterprise without the need for managing the underlying infrastructure. Set up your EJBCA instance on Azure and we will make sure that your PKI infrastructure is managed according to best practices and with the highest assurance. Choose your preferred subscription, leverage the elasticity and global presence of the service as you scale your infrastructure, and rest assured that you will have a guaranteed SLA that you won't have to maintain.

Key Benefits:

  • Full access to your PKI - You get full access to the backend EJBCA Enterprise PKI, without the need to manage or operate the underlying infrastructure.
  • Up and running in no time - Choose your preferred subscription and scale on-demand with cloud-native elasticity, availability, and multi-region support.
  • Hosted, managed, and secure - Reduce the need to manage another critical in-house infrastructure component and get a guaranteed SLA to ensure reliability.

Key Features:

Dedicated offline root - All customers have a dedicated offline root CA, with full user activation and deactivation control. Azure or AWS accounts holding the keys can be given back to the customer.

Self-service portal - Monitor and control your PKI from the EJBCA SaaS portal or directly access the backend EJBCA Enterprise PKI for advanced configuration of CAs, profiles, and protocols.

Flexibility and performance - EJBCA SaaS is available in the US, EU, and AP regions, it is fully redundant, including database replication, and easily scales to hundreds of millions of certificates.

Air-tight infrastructure - Ensure that your PKI is always secure and available with continuous monitoring and updates backed by guaranteed SLAs and 24/7 support by a team of PKI professionals.

On-demand scalability - Pay-as-you-go pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use. Scale your PKI on-demand with the ability to automatically re-size or upgrade EJBCA SaaS at any time.

Easy integration - Integrate with your tools and applications via protocols and APIs, including ACME, SCEP, CMP, Microsoft Autoenrollment, Web Services, and REST API.

Secure Key Storage - All CA Keys are created by the PKI owners in secure, FIPS-140-2 L2 Premium SKU Azure Key Vault HSM.

***Please contact us to get multi-year pricing. We can do private offers through the Marketplace for any larger or, multi-cluster deployments!***