Predict & Plan Consumer Demand

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Predict & Plan Consumer Demand

SAS Institute Inc.

Demand Planning solution for the Intelligent Supply Chain

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SAS analytics software can help you chart a new course forward during volatile market conditions. More accurate forecasting improves inventory productivity, increases on-shelf performance and reduces markdowns to drive higher margins. Additionally, SAS embedded Machine Learning workflows automate analytics so your planners can focus on the exceptions – that 20% that matters most!

Predicting and planning consumer demand just got easier!

SAS provides a highly automated, fully integrated supply and demand planning solution that breaks down traditional barriers between planning steps, transforming planning into a continuous, flexible process.

Low-touch planning processes help manage planning by exception, which in turn reduces errors and human bias. Easily model and forecast all your products and selling locations to meet customer demand while managing the overall costs of inventory.

Sense and Shape Demand

With patented statistical forecasting processes you plan with greater accuracy and drive efficiencies using a variety of advanced analytics methodologies, including AI and Machine Learning. 

  • Visually analyze data to spot patterns and insight to sales, shipments, pricing, promotions, etc.
  • Evaluate sales history and plan for future events – new products, locations, channel introduction – using what-if scenario analysis.
  • Measure the effect of sales and marketing strategies on consumer demand using multitiered causal analysis.

Building the future of analytics & AI in the cloud

Easily run analytic workloads in the cloud to meet business goals faster and enable trusted decisions. SAS is a recognized leader in Machine-Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Powered by SAS® Intelligent Demand Planning, the solution harnesses these capabilities to streamline and automate complex planning tasks that improve supply chain efficiency while delivering superior customer experiences.

  • Make real-time decisions at the local level to react quickly to market developments.
  • Adopt advanced analytics technology without incurring technical debt of in-house development.

“Adoption of advanced analytics such as SAS® Predict & Plan Consumer Demand will help retailers improve forecast accuracy and an automated low-touch planning process. SAS® Predict & Plan Consumer Demand offers an Azure ready scalable planning solution for data scientists and business users to collaborate using advanced analytics, A.I. and machine learning.”                     RSR Research