Syook Insite Azure Application

Sparkyo Technology Private Limited

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Syook Insite Azure Application

Sparkyo Technology Private Limited

(2 оценки)

Enhance real time visibility of assets for safe, efficient and compliant operations

Are you aware that your assets are available and accessible at all times?

Are all your workers adhering to the compliances and standards set by your organization?

Do you have an effective method of evaluating employee productivity?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then, We might have an answer for you.

But, Before we talk about it, We would also like to share with you what other problems our solution might help you in:

1. Lack of proper safety management controls

2. They cannot ensure availability of their workforce at the right place at the right time.

3. They cannot ensure FIFO on finished goods

4. Lack of user friendly software and learnability

5. They have multiple tools for managing different tasks at every stage of a process.

To address these problems, Our solutions are:

  • Modular: Our solution comes with independent and interchangeable features with easy integration

  • Configurable: Our solution can be easily configured and tailored to meet user needs and requirements.

  • Technology Agnostic: From BLE Proximity for economical deployment, BLE Angle of Arrival for accurate positioning to LoRaWAN based deployments for larger facilities and moving towards integrating GPS location for citywide or countrywide asset tracking, Syook InSite has all location needs covered. This makes it the best fit for system integrators.

  • Proven Customer Success: With expansion orders and the addition of user departments our customers regularly show their appreciation.

  • Quick deployment: The no-code platform makes it deployable at an unprecedented speed, hence making us grow exponentially across various markets and industries.

Syook InSite is an IIoT platform that gives us real time visibility on operations in any facility. This facility could be a factory shop floor, commercial building, warehouse or even a hospital. This coupled with our powerful algorithms gives supervisors and managers real time visibility into operations. By this, proactive action can be taken to enhance safety, productivity and compliance in operations.

We understand your business needs and cater to your specific requirements. In our journey so far, we have gained knowledge and expertise from various industries and sectors. With this knowledge, we have designed solutions that prove operational critical across a wide variety of sectors: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare etc.

If the listed plans don’t meet your requirements, we can create a private offer. Please reach out to to discuss.

About us:

Syook provides digital transformation for enterprise operations. We build and delivers world-class enterprise products and solutions for operation critical businesses to enhance their productivity, safety and compliance. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and others.
About our founders: Our co-founders Arjun Nagarajan (CEO), Aman Agarwal (CTO) and Saurabh Sharma (COO) comes from an Oil & Gas background with over 45 years of combined industry experience.

Embrace digital transformation and business process automation with Syook and revolutionize how you manage your operations in a seamless and intuitive way by clicking on the 'Get Now' button.