SyncVR Improved Patient Care with Extended Reality

SyncVR Medical Holding B.V.

SyncVR Improved Patient Care with Extended Reality

SyncVR Medical Holding B.V.

SyncVR Medical extended reality (XR/AR) for hospitals improves training and patient care.

SYNCVR MEDICAL simplifies and enhances the use of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology in hospitals. With a comprehensive solution covering software, hardware, and services, we eliminate the complexities of multiple vendors and technical risks. We reduce IT staff burden and provide a reliable extended reality (XR) solution. SyncVR Medical leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem.

We also provide consultation, solution design, and training to help you streamline your XR initiatives, minimize risks, and unleash the full potential of VR/AR technology in your hospital.


  • Improve patient outcomes - significantly improve patient comfort, engagement and knowledge
  • Cost effectiveness - reduced patient length of stay, 93% lower medication/sedation consumption, decreased staff time per patient, 30% shorter rehabilitation time, and 4x faster learning.
  • Streamline individual XR innovation projects under one umbrella - avoid having 20 different vendors for 20 different headsets and 20 different apps, and instead organise all XR projects under one clinical and technical umbrella
  • Secure & Compliant - SyncVR Medical is ISO27001 certified and has a robust ISMS in place


SyncVR Medical ( provides 5 turn-key packages for hospitals to improve patient care and education with Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR):

1) XR under your Control: our foundation solution to manage extended reality technology within your hospital IT ecosystem
2) XR App Store Credit Package
3) Pain, Stress & Medication XR Package
4) Rehabilitation & Mobilisation XR Package
5) Extended Reality Medical Education

SyncVR Medical is a trusted partner in improving healthcare with VR/AR (XR). We are the largest XR Platform for European/UK healthcare, providing a variety of XR solutions to over 200 healthcare providers in NL, DE, DK, SW, BE, and the UK. Next to numerous patients and healthcare staff benefiting from applications on the SyncVR Platform, >50 third party developing companies supply their XR healthcare app through our Platform. Moreover, we are involved in >40 clinical studies, showing the effectiveness of XR technology in patient care and staff education. With SyncVR, you gain access to a world of transformative possibilities, ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

XR Control Package: XR under your Control

SyncVR Medical's XR Control Package simplifies and enhances the use of VR/AR technology in hospitals. Streamline your XR initiatives, minimize risks, and unleash the full potential of VR/AR technology in your hospital with SyncVR Medical's XR Control Package, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

XR App Store Credit Package

The XR App Store Credit Package offers hospitals flexible credits to spend on validated XR Healthcare Apps from the SyncVR Medical XR App Store, ensuring the highest possible discounts. With this package, hospitals gain access to a curated collection of over 50 clinically effective and compliant apps.

Pain, Stress & Medication XR Package

Relieve pain, stress, and anxiety with the two evidence-based VR healthcare apps

Immerse patients in a virtual world of relaxation and distraction with HypnoVR, a powerful combination of virtual reality technology and medical hypnosis techniques. Enhance the experience with Relax&Distract, offering a library of VR experiences to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress during medical procedures.

Rehabilitation & Mobilisation XR Package

Revolutionize rehabilitation with SyncVR Fit, an evidence-based VR application offering gamified exercises tailored to various disciplines. Enable patients to regain functionality and motivation with Koji's Quest, a cognitive training game designed for individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Medical Training & Education XR Package

Transform medical education and training with Virti, ORamaVR, and 3D Organon. Virti offers immersive simulations for healthcare training, ORamaVR provides a gamified VR platform for medical and surgical training, and 3D Organon offers an interactive exploration of the human body.