Federal GovCloud DSO Turnkey Solution

TechTrend, Inc.

Federal GovCloud DSO Turnkey Solution

TechTrend, Inc.

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps FedRAMP Authorized SaaS Solution

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps is Now FedRAMP Authorized at the moderate impact level

Federal GovCloud DevSecOps (FGC DSO) helps government agencies and organizations build agile and secure software by bringing together industry-leading open source and prorprietary tools that securely automate CI/CD pipelines. Agencies and organizations use this FedRAMP authorized solution to manage their source code, implement agile practices, CI/CD orchestration, infrastructure and configuration management, static code vulnerability scanning, dependency analysis, and blackbox/redteam validation.

Secure Source Code Management 

Software begins and ends with application source code. GitHub Enterprise increases developer velocity, secures every step of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and provides continuous code review and feedback.

Agile Practices 

Kanban boards enable issue and bug tracking for your application development. Enable centralized colloboration and team management. Easily create and maintain federally mandated security and compliance documentation. 

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Orchestration

Increase release velocity to a matter of minutes not weeks with FGC DSO's CI/CD orchestration. Push incremental releases that automatically check security and compliance policies. Identify and detect any possible security or compliance vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC limiting most critical issues form occuring. 

Infrastructure as Code & Configuration as Code 

Automating the test and production envinroment configurations reduces an organization's costs and risks while increasing their release velocity. Development teams can test applications in production-like environments earlier in the SDLC. The environments are stable and scalable and enforce consistency by representing the desired state of their environments via code. Infrastructure as code enables fully traceability of all changes that happened during configuration. FGC DSO allows every change to your environment to be documented, logged, tracked, and tested. 

Government Security & Compliance 

FedRAMP moderate controls are in automated with FGC DSO. Meet most federally mandated security and compliance requirements with FGC DSO's security and compliance testing. FGC DSO has role-based access controls, is NIST & FIPS validated, provides static code vulnerability analysis, and security branch analysis.  FGC DSO supports 27+ programming languages and securely monitors against OWASP top 10 vulnerabiltiies. 

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