Tietoevry Banking Profit Scoring


Tietoevry Banking Profit Scoring


The AI-powered solution for profit scorings within Lending

We are shaping the future of Credit solutions by enabling the next generation of AI products within Lending.

We help to secure and optimize the winnings while limiting the risk of losses. This is by calculating the customized cost and potential revenue for loans by setting the right individual price from the very start, retaining the existing customer portfolio, and enabling them to act proactively, hence increasing profitability.

Key benefits:

    • Increase profitability
    • Balance Risk
    • Accelerate growth

AI - Credit Solutions at Tietoevry in a nutshell

    • Next Generation of AI products - translating data science into business value
    • Bringing data to life by enabling AI-as-a-Service - packaging machine learning models catered for financial areas and advanced analytics applications for business decisioning
    • Modular and scalable cloud-based applications including API management for insights sharing with speedy time to market


Our Profit Scoring solutions are built with state-of-the-art technology, and scalable cloud-based applications with focus on balancing risks and increasing ROI. Within our Profit Scoring umbrella, we offer a number of solutions:

    • Application Scoring takes a holistic approach we are setting the individual price on a loan by taking the risk of churn- and default, winrate as well as Return of Investment into account for new applications. All in real time.
    • Portfolio Scoring provides insight into the existing loan portfolio, the profitability and suggest actions to increase retention.

Profit Scoring API

The service is used for online scoring and calculation on a request basis. Loan application data is received as input and then fed to machine learning mechanisms. Returning values are e.g. Win Rate, Win Rate Elasticity, Optimal Interest Rate, Churn Rate, and ROI. These helps banks and credit institutions to set the right price on loans from the very start based on the probability of winning a loan application, risk and profitability.

In other words, our solution goes through the whole loan lifecycle – from loan origination to loan closure and provides knowledge-based recommendations to enhance your profitability.

Essentially, this means that a financial institution can utilize the solution to guide them when determining what is the optimal credit risk appetite, what is an adequate pricing, and how to best control customer acquisition costs. It also broadens a financial institution’s capabilities to develop personalized offerings and customized service models.

Getting Started

To explore our Profit Scoring API, please follow the link to learn how to register and request sandbox access.