Global Buyer/Supplier Profile API

Trademo Technologies Inc

Global Buyer/Supplier Profile API

Trademo Technologies Inc

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About Trademo

Trademo is building a singular source of truth for global supply chains by collecting billions of supply chain data points including import/export shipments, customs declarations, duties & tariffs, import/export compliances and controls, sanctions and more from 1000+ authoritative public and private bodies globally. Trademo further leverages technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, NLP, entity resolution and graph databases to cleanse, enrich and derive hidden insights from this unstructured data. Trademo today empowers 1000+ businesses globally with supply chain insights to help them find new commercial opportunities, ensure compliance with trade regulations, and build operational supply chain resilience.


Global Buyer/Supplier API extracts actionable supply chain intelligence for a particular company’s profile. This API will provide you with detailed shipping data, the list of trading partners for a company, and contact details for the companies persons of interest.



Content-Type: application/json

Requires Authentication: Yes

Rate Limited: Yes

Sample Request application/json


"companyID": "4256530",

"tradingPartnerLimit": 20,

"tradeTimePeriod": 2


Note:- With this API, the user also gets complimentary access to the Company Matcher API which will help in enabling Global Buyer/Supplier Profile API. The Company Matcher API enables users to search for a company based on criteria such as company name, unique identification number or country. The objective of this API is to help you identify companies of interest so that you can fetch detailed intelligence for the company using the Global Buyer/Supplier Profile API.