Trustwave Co-Managed SOC Managed Services

Trustwave Holdings, Inc

Trustwave Co-Managed SOC Managed Services

Trustwave Holdings, Inc

Trustwave managed services will help you unlock the full power of Microsoft Sentinel with a team of certified cyber experts operating at scale and speed. Take back control of your security operations, and make Microsoft Sentinel work for you.

We know what great looks like for Microsoft Sentinel and security operations. We know how to accelerate your operations to great, regardless of where you are in terms of current capabilities, operational readiness, and maturity.

Trustwave's enterprise-proven use-cases and mature processes will take your security operations to the next level. Unlike most, we don’t add another tool to solve a tool problem. You’ll work directly with SIEM and SOC experts who have decades of experience deploying SIEMs, building and operating SOCs, and eliminating cyber threats.

Included in this offer:

A Proven Approach for Unrivalled Results

We’ve built flexibility and personalization into our co-managed approach to augment your security team and operations where you need it the most. Our proven end-to-end approach will help you transform your security operations through four major activity areas:

Consult & Plan

The first phase in our engagement starts with a mature, consultative jumpstart activity that ensures your SIEM and SOAR technologies are implemented and deployed appropriately, with use cases that make sense and work effectively.

We work with you to determine if you are at risk of runaway costs from unnecessary telemetry sent to the SIEM and/or cost from excessive storage policies. Furthermore, we’ll personalize use cases from our extensive use case library, and build custom use cases, to align to the goals of your organization and security operations.

You’ll have a plan with predictable capacity and cost management expectations, and a road map for ongoing use case improvements. More importantly, you retain ownership of all improvements we make in your SIEM and SOAR on your behalf. We don’t hold your SIEM or data hostage.

Build & Onboard

During this phase, we walk you through implementation, resource alignment, and plans for ongoing testing. You’ll begin to develop the appropriate documentation for your organization including building the right security policies, playbooks, and incident response plans to go along with the detection output from your newly tuned SIEM.

We’ll introduce you to the Trustwave Cyber Success Team—tenured and highly experienced SIEM/SOAR and SOC experts—who’ll work with you for the life of the service term.

Manage & Monitor

Once you’re in steady state, Trustwave will conduct 24x7 global, real-time threat monitoring. We also manage your SIEM device for security updates, ongoing health, and uptime.

The Trustwave security analysts and investigators monitoring your environment will be armed with SpiderLabs curated threat intelligence to assist them in identifying known threats, reducing false positives, and continuously eliminating noise.

Your security operations team will only receive confirmed, actionable incidents that require immediate response or direct action.

Advise & Tune

SIEMs are complex and require highly skilled experts to keep them operating and performing to expectations. As part of steady state operations, Trustwave will provide ongoing advisory and tuning.

Your Trustwave Cyber Success Team security advisor will be a named expert who’ll be deeply familiar with your organization and have an industry-wide perspective on the cyber threats that may impact your business.

Armed with this perspective, advisors will conduct ongoing use case tuning and optimization, review changes to your architecture, recommend updates to security policy, provide custom reporting, and collaborate with you frequently to review the state of your operations.

During critical incidents, your advisor can tap a global network of peers to force-multiply response efforts for a comprehensive, personalized solution to the most difficult cyber challenges.

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Trustwave managed services is one of the first Microsoft CSI Partners to offer Managed Services for Microsoft Sentinel​.