ROCX'R Conversation Analytics


ROCX'R Conversation Analytics


Analyse your conversations with powerful insights on customer conversational data

Search inside your conversations, analyse and translate your data into actionable insights with powerful, ready-to-use models. Developed on Microsoft Azure, the ROCX'R platform integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Suite of applications and with your existing systems. ROCX'R Conversation Analytics is ISO 27001 certified.

Getting Started: From 1% to 100% insight!

Every phone call, e-mail, WhatsApp message and chat contains valuable information for your business. With ROCX'R Conversation Analytics, you’ll never miss crucial information that can benefit your customers and your business.

  1. Automatically extract information from different written resource & speech data like email, chat, app, & speech data
  2. Transform interaction data into valuable customer insights
  3. Detect anomalies that are causing expensive repeat traffic to your contact center
  4. Identify every touchpoint that a customer interacts with, across multiple channels and over time and find out when customers are contacting you and what they’re contacting you about
  5. Enrich customer insights with the most important topics, intent and sentiment and uncover similarities and associations

Turn your omnichannel conversations into actionable insights

Find out what you need to know to improve the customer experience and optimize your operations with intuitive dashboards and data visualizations, advanced search capabilities and ready-to-use models. With ROCX'R Conversation Analytics, you can leverage the power of AI to benefit your customers and your business.

Benefits: Take charge of your conversations today

ROCX'R Conversation Analytics gives companies smart and detailed insights into the impact they have with their customer interactions, so they can learn what they do well - and should do more - and what they should do better.

  1. Visualize all your feedback data in straightforward dashboards and have a clear overview of where your greatest opportunities lie.
  2. Make better decisions, identify trends, and boost customer satisfaction
  3. Support your contact center employees by providing constructive feedback and coaching
  4. Deliver better products, and lower operational costs with more loyal customers
  5. Successfully interact with clients, orchestrate journeys with predictive analytics, AI & ready-to-use software.

Features ROCX'R Conversation Analytics

Gain a 360° view on the voice of your customers and stay ahead of the game with predictive analytics.

  • Omnichannel and multilingual
  • Advanced search capabilities across conversations
  • Data categorization, topic classification and topic correlation
  • Enrich customer profiles based on conversations
  • Contact center Quality Management models
  • Self-service machine learning
  • Insight into repeat and waste traffic & call duration

About ROCX'R powered by Underlined

An experienced player in data driven CX, Underlined helps companies achieve measurable CX improvements, maximize customer happiness and drive business growth. Underlined’s innovative ROCX'R cloud solutions collect, connect, and analyse customer interaction data to uncover actionable insights deeper, faster, and better. Using artificial intelligence, Underlined delivers predictive insights for orchestrating the optimal customer journey and achieving your business goals.