Vaultspeed NV

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Vaultspeed NV

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VaultSpeed provides the fastest data warehouse automation tool on the market.

Data warehouse development at the speed you need
Speed up multi-source data integration and Data Vault modeling using VaultSpeed automation. Save your team months of headache, confusion, and re-work with our built-in integration templates that don’t require code writing.

Controlled execution
Master upfront data warehouse work through our easy guided setup, tested logic, and error & exception handling.

Data Vault 2.0 certified
Our tool is the first and only one officially certified by the Data Vault Alliance.

Eliminate technical debt
Replace repetitive, error-prone human work with automation. Our built-in integration templates deal with both tech complexity and business model mapping.

Guaranteed data integrity
We deliver an accurate and complete data model that reflects your business, addresses your needs, and keeps track of data over time.

Built for change
When a new column or source is added, or technology is upgraded, it’s simple to adapt your data model by generating delta and migration logic.

No runtime costs
VaultSpeed is not a runtime app. You only pay for jobs related to building and adapting the Data Vault model, not loading the actual data.

Easy to install
VaultSpeed is Cloud Native. All you need to do is install our Java agent which harvests metadata from your database and deploys the necessary code. Access your work through a browser.

Easy to use
VaultSpeed's intuitive interface, built-in integration templates, and step-by-step setup simplify upfront data warehouse deployment.

Secure by design
Your data is 100% safe. We provide a secure connection to your sources and will only extract metadata, never actual data.

Best-of-breed technology support
VaultSpeed connects with the best of breed CDC, ETL, source, and target technologies available today.

SaaS Subscription Model
Our pricing enables to pay as you grow. We have Silver, Gold and Platinum licences to fit to the needs of your organization and additional add-on modules to tailor the solution to your needs.
  • Flow management
  • Template Studio
  • Automation API
  • Java Agent extensions
  • Streaming (Spark, Kafka)

For Enterprise pricing and options like dedicated instances, multi-region, private link and SSO, please contact to request a quote.