DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud


DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud


Cloud-based solution for PACS with AI assisted on CXR, CT, MRI

About DrAid ™ AI PACS Cloud

Cloud-based PACS differs from traditional PACS as its storage and features are provided by cloud-based servers. It frees hospitals from the cost of maintaining an onsite data center with heavy equipment and IT staffs to handle daily backups, server maintenance, and security measure. Doctors can also easily access medical records anytime anywhere, simplifying their daily workflow and allowing case collaboration between doctors. This is the ideal solution for hospitals and health facilities looking for a new radiology workflow solution with a low cost-of-entry.

Product Highlights

DrAid™ Chest XR: Comprehensive Chest Screening | Autonomous Screening Of 52 Abnormalities

  • Focuses on Chest X-ray for 52 abnormities with 91% accuracy
  • Classification of normal & abnormal cases
  • Triage & Prioritization
  • Workflow Management
  • AI and ChatGPT/GPT* copilot combine for end-to-end generative medical reports
  • Sensitivity – 97% | Specificity - 95%

DrAid™ Liver cancer CT: Oncology Screening | Segmentation & Classification of liver lesions using multiphase CT

  • Segmentation & classification of liver
  • CT studies into normal & abnormal
  • 4 types of finding: Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), Malignant lesions other than HCC, Benign lesions and Ambiguous lesions
  • Dice Score for liver segmentation: 96,55%
  • Dice Score for tumor segmentation: 74,47%
  • F1 Score for tumor classification: 90,12%

Why DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud?

  • AI doctor assistant helps doctors to improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of medical diagnosis
  • Secure and scalable cloud data storage that doctors can access anytime anywhere via mobile and web
  • Cost-saving by eliminating the cost of initial IT infrastructure investment (compared to traditional PACS solutions), the cost of hard film and improving doctors’ productivity

DrAid™ is the first medical device for chest X-ray diagnosis powered by AI in Southeast Asia that got FDA Clearance